Jdi International Newsletter

Les quiero adelantar una noticia excitante!
Ya vamos ha tener un Fast Start Bonus en JDI
Este consiste en un 40% de la Primera compra hecha por tus referidos directos.
Ejemplo con 1 , 2 y 3  productos.
1- JDI Multi = $12 de Fast Start
1 JDI y 1 Vita Stim = $28 de Fast Start
1 JDI, 1 Vita Stim y 1 Cardio Forte = $46 de Fast Start
Esten bien pendientes que esto se esta poniendo muy interesante!

2 Responses to “Jdi International Newsletter”

  • gonzalo cardenas says:

    my friends how are you i am good i want get in your bussiness am in my country from peru want distributions of your products over here leave me now ¿what ican do? please

    • sinjefe says:

      Gonzalo, To become a distributor simply register as a member from this link: http://www.jdimlm.com/sinjefe34/ and click dale SING UP tab (top right of your screen) you choose the product, proceed to your registration, full details and following the payment. Ready!, Remember that when you sign for the business, automatically enter autoship (monthly purchase of your product, which you should always have a balance to this process because it automatically deducted from your account on the monthly date your registration) .. can cancel or change the product at your convenience from your back office

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